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ME PAT Newsletter - November 2014

  • Posted on: 10 November 2014
  • By: Mike

Good morning/afternoon or even evening to those out there that work for themselves or indeed for large businesses, this is our “occasional” newsletter from ME PAT Services on health and safety in the work place and those “working from home” with regards to Portable Appliance Testing. We will offer a varied range of electrical related stories and articles and hopefully we can take the edge off with a few light hearted moments, In fact I have to confess that I am a little late with this newsletter as me and Alison took a short break in Amsterdam to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary – yes she has put up with me not only for four years but whilst we have been building a business together – and she is still talking to me, but only just!

A few photos including the standard “selfie” outside the Centraal Railway Station in Amsterdam

Yes they have Canal Boats but I have never seen so many bikes in fact they have “multi story” bike parks!

In fact there is so many bikes car owners have to park on boats – so it seems?
It has been a frantic couple of weeks since we got back as we move into our sixth year for ME PAT Services Ltd with a few changes to come over the next few weeks/months – but more about these later…. Why is it when you take a break of only a week long you come back to what seems three to four weeks of work – I swear it breeds when you are away, I am certain of it!!

North Tyneside Business Forum

Can I stop you for a moment and share a proud moment for me as I have had an article published in a magazine with the North Tyneside Business Forum to do with “business and dyslexia” entitled; Dyslexia Asset or Handicap? I was apprehensive at first about sharing it with you but a friend of mine [that’s you Leanne…] told me to shout about it – especially as I am normally very open about my dyslexia, however I don’t think my friends know how frustrating it can be and how it affects me, Alison and others – hopefully this will give you a brief insight to this condition and some of its many challenges….

Dyslexia – help or hindrance?
What makes Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates successful businessmen? Could it be that that they both suffer from dyslexia?
Research by Professor Julie Logan, from the Cass Business School in London, indicates a link between entrepreneurship and dyslexia. Her findings reveal entrepreneurs in the UK are twice as likely to be dyslexic as members of the general public. According to Professor Logan, dyslexic people display better skills in oral communication and problem-solving. They are also likely to be better at managing staff, having developed delegation skills in order to cope with their conditions.  The broader implication being that many of the coping skills dyslexics learn in their formative years become best practices for successful entrepreneurs.
Mike’s Story
Redundancy featured large in Mike McCoy’s dyslexia diagnosis. Mike and his wife Alison, who own ME PAT Services Limited, are both dyslexic and have both experienced redundancy;  ultimately leading them to set up their electrical testing business in 2009.
“I have always been a good verbal communicator but struggle with the written word, particularly black words written on a white background. Finding out I was dyslexic when signing on after my fifth redundancy was like having a weight lifted from my shoulders,” says Mike.
Alison and Mike have different types of dyslexia but find their skills complement each other. Mike concentrates on promoting the business, while Alison, a woman in a man’s world, undertakes the electrical work. It’s a partnership that works for them both at work and at home.
However, despite being labelled ‘stupid’ at school Mike did excel at one particular project; a history book he created called Newcastle Old and New. This old piece of school work has recently been rediscovered and, thanks to support from local journalist Chris Rooney, is being turned into a proper book which Mike hopes to publish next year.

The full article also features a landscape garden called John Maypother of Ace2Gardens who also has similar “challenges” as we do, please follow the link to see the full article and for more about the North Tyneside Business Forum.
Incidentally if you want to find out more information on Dyslexia visit 
I hope you enjoy it the article – please let know…

PAT Talks

Throughout the month of November I will be doing a few talks on Portable Appliance Testing and what to look out for in your office; I will be out and about around a few network groups and so I will be at;
Tyneside Connect Frankie and Bennie's, Silverlink on Wednesday the 5th of November 2014
[Yep I am talking about electrical fires on Guy Fawkes day!!]
4Networking Carlisle at the Gosling Bridge Inn on Tuesday the 11th of November 2014
4Networking Northallerton at the Allerton Court on Friday the 28th of November 2014

Finally I am doing an “off the cuff” talk entitled “4Networking and Me – 2 strange bed fellows” at the John The Clerk Pub in Cramlington on the 12th of November 2014 – Peter the MC at this group wanted something different – so be careful what you wish for???

Workplace fatal accidents decline
Figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) indicate the number of workers killed in Britain last year has fallen to the lowest annual rate on record.
Provisional data released by the HSE reveals that 133 workers were fatally injured between April 2013 and March 2014, compared with 150 in the previous year. The overall rate of fatal injury has dropped to 0.44 per 100,000 workers, compared to 0.51 in 2012/13.
Although detailed data for 2013/14 is not yet available, the previous full year figures for incidents involving contact with electricity or electrical discharge for 2012/2013 show that there were 2 fatalities (6 in 2011/12), 90 major injuries (106) and 170 over 7 day injuries (299 over 3 day injuries).
Judith Hackitt, the HSE Chair, said: “Whilst these are only provisional figures, they confirm Britain’s performance in health and safety as world class. For the last eight years we have consistently recorded one of the lowest rates of fatal injuries to workers among the leading industrial nations in Europe.” Full details here
Ok so I mentioned this in last month’s newsletter, it’s important good news that’s worth I think it’s worth stating again, yes?
Finally… apologies about the xmas tree lights story – it’s not that far away you know!!
I hope you liked this month’s newsletter, if so please pass the word. Have a great day, week or month….

   Mike McCoyTa, ta for now 

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