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ME PAT Newsletter - January 2014

  • Posted on: 5 February 2014
  • By: Mike

Hello and welcome to our second newsletter from ME PAT Services and may I take this [very] late opportunity to wish you all the very best for the New Year and your hopes and wishes for 2014. The Chinese New Year at the end of January states this is the year of the horse; in Chinese culture “the horse is a symbol of nobility, class, speed and perseverance” – with thought provoking words such as these then the omens for 2014 must be good?

If like me you found 2013 was quite a “challenge” then you will welcome the fresh start that 2014 brings with new goals, aims and targets to go for. As a person I don’t bother much with New Year Resolutions [those who know me will know I am a lost cause as far as resolutions are concerned...] but on a business front we aim to work more within the health sector such as dentists and opticians [as we want to prevent them from being “down in the mouth” and “able to see clearly” when it comes to Health and Safety], sorry for the bad puns but I couldn’t resist it...

We are also interested in talking to more business centres in 2014 as we have a proven track record, which neatly brings me to a very apt and interesting example of some of the dangers that can arise in business offices. Only a few weeks ago we carried out routine electrical safety checks of a friend and client who moved into a new business unit – no doubt many will move into new premises as a fresh start for 2014? Anyway in our clients new unit had a built in fridge which was inherited from the previous occupant. It had unfortunately failed one of our tests, on further inspection [we don’t fail items and walk away] it appeared that the power cable into the fridge had been joined with another cable to create one very long power cable. Once the electrical tape was removed to our astonishment the three individual wires underneath [live, neutral and earth] had no insulation at all so it meant that these wires were actually touching each other!! Worst still this extended cable had been “repaired” in the same fashion again and again – this was truly a potential death trap!!

First of all Alison removed the botched cable repair altogether and cut back the original fridge power cable – leaving only about two feet in length, then plugged it into a surplus extension lead, retested and passed, job done....

You can see why our motto is; “reduce Costs - Protect Lives”, we mean it....

So, if you move into a new unit in the near future or have done so recently, then please please check any electrical items that have been left by the previous occupant or by the landlord/centre manager. If you need any advice then please do not hesitate to give me a call – I am more than happy to help.

Anyway moving on, we have four more “shocking” stories from the world of industry,

This is a cartoon that I have had for some time which every time I look at it makes me laugh; I hope you find it amusing too.....

Pigeon starts fire with a cigarette! [curtsey of the Daily Mail 27/12/13]
A pigeon that dropped a discarded cigarette down a chimney and a dog that accidentally turned on a toaster both caused dangerous house fires on2013 the country’s biggest fire brigade has revealed.
Investigators in London reviewed 2000 incidents in a bid to improve fire safety - and discovered some blazes that were started in the strangest of circumstances.

For example, one teenage boy who was heading out for his first date sprayed deodorant on himself and then set what remained in the can fire, causing an explosion. No explanation was given for the bizarre act.
In another case, a toilet roll was dropped down a loo – and was then placed in a microwave [clear water I hope?] to dry out. Instead, it overheated, as non-food items can quickly char and catch fire in a microwave.

Firemen were also called when a dog hit the controls of a toaster as it jumped on to a worktop to get food that had been placed out its reach [so the owners thought?], the toaster set fire to a bag...
A pair of boxer shorts that was used to apply a flammable linseed oil treatment to a floor also caught fire, while a fridge freezer burst into flames after a mouse got into the back of the appliance, causing a short circuit in the electrics.

And a pigeon also started a highly dangerous blaze when it dropped a lit and discarded cigarette down a chimney where it fell on to a birds nest and set it on fire...

Charlie Pugsley of the London Fire Brigades investigations team said that he had seen some “weird and wonderful” things this year [2013]....

But he pointed out that even the strangest, and seemingly most unavoidable, incidents could have been
prevented by taking simple safety precautions

And Finally.... as a total departure from the world of Electrical Safety.

As I briefly mentioned in our first newsletter in December in that i have a personal project, an ambition of 35 years in the making to launch a book – you could call it a rewrite of a school project all those years ago, that was at the time was the nearest i got to actually to writing a book. This “book” was from a struggling teenager who was to find out much later in life a dyslexic problem which explained the difficulty with schooling – but that as they say is another story.

This project named at the time “Newcastle Old and New” detailed the changing city from over 900 years ago when Monkchester [as it was called at the time] had a “New Castle” built which we call nowadays the castle keep and from which the city took its name. Originally there were twenty four chapters split into two sections detailing the various significant buildings “Old and New” right up to the Eldon Square Shopping Centre and the Metro Rapid Transit System in 1977. In the rewrite to be published later this year this will include another four chapters to bring it into the millennium and also a number of postscripts to detail “incidental” stories such as the... well that would be giving away too much at this stage. Once you start on a “journey” of this type you soon discover that there are often more questions than answers, i discovered this in 1977 when I put the original history project together in that i had to stop so i could summit this book for my exams...

Today the situation is bit  different, there are no time scales as such [after all its took me 35 years to get this far...], but we may have to scale back the size of the book as we discover and uncover more stories and facts hidden away about this great city of ours – “Newcastle upon Tyne”

As we finalise details, the chapters and so on I will reveal more so please bear with me for now – all will be revealed in time.....

Mike McCoy

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