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ME PAT Newsletter - August 2015

  • Posted on: 20 August 2015
  • By: Mike
We reduce costs and protect lives August 2015
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Good morning, or good afternoon or even good evening [bad grammar I know but you can expect that from me!], this goes out to all those who work for themselves or indeed for larger businesses, working from a variety of offices in business centres through to the humble “compact” offices at home or “Home Office” as I prefer to call it…. Welcome our “occasional” newsletter from ME PAT Services on electrical health and safety in the work place, highlighting some of the Health and Safety horrors. I hope you are coping with our typical Geordie summer, wet one moment and hot the next – in fact one of the reporters on Look North refers it to as; “four seasons in one day”. I think that quite nicely sums up the weather in the North East?? 
This month we have another vid “from the tales of the fry” as I like to call them, or simply in this case an interesting story from the consumer magazine, Which? this “People's Champion” stated in a recent investigation that certain appliances are catching fire more than others, but, what is truly astonishing is that they had to submit a “Freedom of Information” request to the government to get the information to back up the facts!! Click on the Youtube link below to find more. We also have another “daft” story from the files of the Health and Safety Executive [HSE] on a so called health and safety matter, which simply wasn’t... And on a lighter note I have an updated “And Finally” on my pet project Newcastle Old and New – the story so far..   

I mentioned in last month’s newsletter that in an attempt to elevate our business image we are slowly rolling out the new MEPAT logo across all of our medias, communications and marketing material. We have moved to the next stage by taken delivery of our new polo T-Shirts, and doesn’t the logo look good? I thought I’d show you one of the new polo’s on me today [just to show you that they come in allsizes…]. I am quite proud of it as it looks very professional – shame about the ugly mug modelling it, eh? 


Tales from the “Fry”

Below is our latest, “tales from the Fry” named after our own colourful, adopted cartoon character… this is not only quite surprising story from the consumer magazine Which? but also the lengths that they have gone to, to uncover the information to substantiate the facts. They actually had to go through the government via a “Freedom of Information Act” request – all in the course of protecting our lives? Please click on the Youtube link below to find out more...

HSE eBulletin service: Health and safety myths..
Case 370 - Child booster seat unavailable at cinema
At a recent cinema visit, the enquirer asked for a child booster seat [from cinema staff] but was told that these were not available due to 'health & safety' reasons.
Panel opinion
This cinema chain usually supplies child booster seats but was in the process of changing the old ones for a new design and did not have any available on this occasion. Instead of explaining this, the assistant resorted incorrectly to a "health and safety" excuse. The company has acknowledged the poor handling and taken steps to avoid this happening again.
MMc: in my person opinion this is another example of poor customer service and shoddy staff training – but as I say it is only my personal opinion…..
Question: can I ask if any of you readers out there experience poor service in shops/cinemas but wrapped up in an “one size fits all” excuse? I would love to her from you.

And Finally….

Newcastle Old and New: the story so far?
As many of my friends and readers will know, [unless you’ve been holidaying on the far side of the moon?], I have been working on relaunching a long-held dream to self-publish a school project book about Newcastle. I have also launched a second newsletter to detail the progress of this project further so I will keep this brief. We recently put together a crowdfund application to help seek investors and raise funds to help with this project; we have already pre-sold ten books, a number of special mentions in the book and a special “business investor package” which included a business logo in the book forever... Although the campaign has officially finished I will continue with these “investments/advanced purchases” of books at the very least up to the publish date in October 2015. To find out more please follow the link to;

The next part of the book marketing campaign will be promoting the book on local radio – don’t worry most radios have an on/off button so you can actually get away from my world domination plans!!! 

Finally, if there is any more information I can give about ME PAT Services or the book project Newcastle Old and New – the story so far? Please email me on or phone me direct via 07865 923716, naturally I would be more than happy to help..
Ta ta for now,

Have a great day, week and a fab month!!

Yours Mike and Alison McCoy

ME PAT Services Ltd