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ME PAT Newsletter April 2016

  • Posted on: 22 July 2016
  • By: Mike
Hello folks and a warm welcome to our “occasional” monthly newsletter for April – which is a polite way of saying “when I can see my desk I’ll send out a newsletter”!

We will do our very best to inform and increase awareness of Electrical Health and Safety via stories and information, or for this month’s issue I have included a few interesting and sometimes bizarre cases from the files of the Health and Safety Executive. Also whilst in passing I will give you update on my book project “Newcastle Old and New the story so far…” which “soft” launched last month. I will talk more about the book later but interestingly with the heavy promoting of the book via newsletters and social media, we have had a unexpected huge increase in PAT testing enquiries and contracts via Google, phone and via our own website. I will never understand SEO but it seems all of the nagging from business friends to push Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn use has paid off, I can just see them in my mind’s eye smiling with that “I told you so” look…. Ok so I am a hypocrite.. :)    anyway moving on?

So, on a definite lighter note from our usual stories…
The Health & Safety Executive do a very valuable job in saving lives – mind you we all do within the Electrical and PAT industries, but every so often we receive case files which show people do not think or check first before banning and use the HSE as the excuse – please see below..

Case 393 – Library will not let users plug their laptops into power sockets for health and safety reasons
A Council run library will not let users plug their laptops into electrical outlets because of a risk of tripping or in case of faulty laptop charger plugs.

Panel opinion
The council and library seem to have got their wires well and truly crossed in this case as both the potential problems appear to have been well under control.  Restricting the charging of the laptop can’t be justified on health and safety grounds in these circumstances.

Case 394 - Tumble turns banned from Council run swimming pool for health and safety reasons
Freestyle lane tumble turns banned from Council run swimming pool for health and safety reasons

Panel opinion
Whilst there can be risks to the swimmer and others from tumble turns, incidents are not common. The decision as to whether or not to allow the practice should be based on a number of factors including pool depth and configuration; number, abilities and demographic of swimmers involved; and other pool activities and supervision issues. In this instance it appears the operator has considered these factors, though it may have been helpful if they had explained more fully the rationale for banning their use during the public sessions in question.

Case 395 - Supermarket banned foldaway bicycle from store for health and safety reasons
A supermarket banned a customer from taking his foldaway bicycle into store for health and safety reasons.

Panel opinion
This is clearly a myth as health and safety at work law does not prohibit taking folding up bicycles into retail premises. It’s refreshing to see those who used ‘elf and safety’ as an excuse to tell their customer ‘on your bike’ back-pedaling, holding their hands up and admitting this was clearly inappropriate.

My classic “And Finally” story….

Newcastle Old and New the story so far… a big thank you!! 
As many of my friends, business colleagues, followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course this newsletter will know that, for a few years I had been working on a long held dream to self-publish a school project book about Newcastle upon Tyne from 38 years ago called “Newcastle Old and New The Story So Far”.

Weeell, I got 200 books printed early last month and have since sold over 50 so far!!!! I am so happy with the response and support from so many people far and wide, a big massive thank you to you all! :)

When I say far and wide, I have had purchases from “exiled Geordies” in Bolton , Norwich, and Lancashire and one about to emigrate “New Zealand” who have been in touch via Facebook and so on [yes I have finally embraced social media!]. We have had interest from people with elderly relatives who not only want to reminisce about Tyneside but because I have printed it in a Tahoma 12 for my dyslexic eyes it seems to be ideal for old tired eyes as well…

And of course with

 Father’s Day due soon on Sunday the 19th of June these have turned out to be great gifts? Brilliant – if it helps people to reminisce about Newcastle or in turn encourage folks to explore this city of ours then that is a bonus!! 

If you go to there is a devoted website for the book where we also have PayPal installed which takes most credit and debit cards. Then I mail the books from here, jiffy wrapped in a sturdy cardboard package and signed for at your end for security. If I can help further just give me a call any of the contact numbers below. Updates on the progress will be via these newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at;        



Planned Events and Talks

As you can imagine I have a lot going on over the next few months now that I have books [yippee!!]
I have a talk at the Central Library in the Bewick Room on behave of the PNE Enterprise at 5.30pm on Wednesday the 27th of April 2016
Newcastle Radio have invited me back in early on Thursday the 28th of April 2016 to pre-re cord a contribution to a program about “a book within us”, once I know a release date I will let you know..
Incidentally if anyone is looking for a speaker please let me know, thanks.

Finally, if there is any more information I can give about ME PAT Services or the book project "Newcastle Old and New" – the story so far? Please email me or phone me direct via 07865 923716, naturally I would be more than happy to help..

 Ta ta for now,

 Have a great day, week and a fab month!!

 Yours Mike and Alison McCoy

 ME PAT Services Ltd