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ME PAT newsletter - September 2014

  • Posted on: 10 September 2014
  • By: Mike

Hi all those out there with businesses,
“large or small”
Mike McCoy - ME Pat Group

And welcome to the “occasional” newsletter from ME PAT Services on health and safety in the work place and those “working from home” with regards to Portable Appliance Testing. We will offer a varied range of electrical related stories and articles and hopefully we can take the edge off with a few light-hearted moments from a “selfie” at the town moor through “silly” health and Safety stories to an update on my long awaited local history book of a difference – more on that later……

All in all a mixture of what has been going on in our little corner of the universe….
Yep that fantastic summer has finally come to an end ya, boo sucks – all good things come to an end sadly, and the autumn has kicked in early. Don’t get me wrong we will still have a few more sunny days but when the sun goes down you are sure feel a change in the temperature. I was searching my photos from the summer to see what I can offer as a brief reminder of those long hot days and nights – how about a “selfie” of me and Alison at the Hoppings on the town moor – a dry one at that, too… if anyone is a fan of the Hoppings – its not the same without the mud – nope its better!!

Sorry to be the profit of doom but be warned that as the temperature drops and the heating is switched on and so will the portable blowers, hot air fans etc, now these have usually been buried in a cupboard for six months or more. Check that there is not a layer of dust and fluff in the vents, plugs are intact and when switched on that the plugs and or cables get hot…. If they do get it checked out now! For further no obligation advice give me a call.

On a loosely connected subject I am taking a new Portable Appliance Testing talk around a few 4Networking venues this month; North Shields on the 10th, Easingwold in Yorkshire on the 16th and the Britannia Hotel at the Newcastle Airport on the 23rd of September. It will be a lively chat, with props illustrating when people could have been seriously injured – had we not got there first. If you are interested in finding out more, I would be happy to arrange an invite to these venues or if your business would be interested in me coming along – I would be more than happy to…
  Overloaded extension lead causes fire
Another report of a house fire highlights the dangers of overloading of electrical extension leads.
Fire crews in Coventry were called to a property in the city when smoke was seen coming from one of the bedrooms. Whilst the house was unoccupied at the time, a number of pet reptiles and insects kept in the bedroom perished in the blaze.
The local fire and rescue service watch commander, said: “The family’s son kept reptiles. He had snakes, tarantulas, frogs, that kind of thing. There was a lot of extension cords all going into each other.
“With all the heat they just overheated. There was just too much power going through it. He has lost the majority of his pets. There is an important safety message here. What caused the fire was too much power being drawn through the extension lead.
“It’s important that people get the message that they should not overload their power supply.” Full story at

And Finally………. now for something completely different…..
Newcastle Old and New: the story so far?
I bump into quite a few people on my travels and a few have asked on how I am getting on with my “book”, so I think it is time for an update….. So just to briefly recap;

About 30 + years ago when I was in my six form at St Thomas More secondary School I was struggling with just about all of my education grades [much later in life to turned out to be dyslexia], but the area I performed very well in much to my surprise was History, in particular a module, a project of my choosing – and so was born “Newcastle Old and New”! This was a collection of about twenty “history stories of a sort” – [less heavy more, interest related] stories in and around Newcastle split into two sections “old” before 1900 ranging from the castle keep to the high level, and the “New” up to 1977 [when I was 16 – you do the maths!]. These stories in turn ranged from more “modern” items such as the Tyne Bridge to the Metro tram system, rounded off with a “future vision” of sky scrapers et al, ballsy for a lad of 16!! This earned me excellent grades and it was something to be proud of….

Fast forward to 2 years ago when Alison found it, read it with interest.. Around this time I met Chris Rooney of Writing Works an ex Chronicle/Journal/Northern Echo Journalist who feel in love with the project and encouraged me to freshen it up and get it published. So for the past two years it has been a labour of love working in our space time to rewrite, find new photos and also rare connected stories.
And now we are almost there! It has expanded to about 24 chapters [grouped in some cases], with about 7 – 8 forewords [did you know’s, Geordie poems, factorial events and so on]. These will expand to about ten forewords – and that’s it! With a thing of passion its knowing when to stop. I think at times we have created a monster – a loveable one though…

We are bringing in an illustrator soon to do a front cover and then start work on the lengthy tidy up, dot the eyes and so on. And then I need to work out how to go about “launching” the book on a shoe string budget – I have some ideas which I am working so watch this space.

My network contacts have been fantastic over this time - so as always I am open to ideas…. 

If you would like to find out more about the book – or even find out about the image above please get in touch. No prizes for guessing
I hope you liked this month’s newsletter, if so please pass the word. Have a great day, week or month….

   Mike McCoyTa, ta for now 

   ME PAT Services Ltd